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Screw this. :D Voice actinggg.

2009-06-19 09:59:58 by Plasky

I am now going to be a voice actor. for anyone out there who needs voice for their flash and shits, tell me. :3 watchthepower.BOAAA. ;D

Screw this. :D  Voice actinggg.

Porn....PORN, Sell it?

2008-12-23 00:20:28 by Plasky

Why do people even expect us to buy pornographic magazines nowadays.
We have teh fucking internets!
It's free!
It's everywhere!
Butt fuck, blowjob, anal horse rape, INTERNET HAS IT ALL!
They need to stfu. And get out of my ass.
Just saying, people pay money to publish that shit...dumbasses :l
I;d like some feedback on this shit.
Btw here's teh weegee joke:]

Porn....PORN, Sell it?

This is what I want my cartoons to look like, but it takes me sooo long to draw with this damned mouse. 'Tis why all my cartoons suck right now. I have the humor, just not the right equipment. Trying to get a tablet and some stuff so i can voice in shit :]
But, this is is what i drew about 5 minutes ago.

It took me like 5 minutes to draw this.

Welcome Me! I Am Teh Newb!

2008-11-11 20:34:51 by Plasky

I, Plasky, am a flash newb. Therefore, I'm gonna suck for a little bit. I might get better. Because I have a shit load of creativity and ADHD. So fasten your fucking seat belt. I won't let you down. :]

Welcome Me! I Am Teh Newb!